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Release: Honoring Acts of Moral Courage

The Lamplighter Project

May 5, 2022

Executive Director

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Lamplighter Project accepting nominations for the Lamplighter Award for Moral Courage in Law Enforcement

May 5, 2022 – The law enforcement whistleblower organization Lamplighter Project announced it is seeking nominees for their Lamplighter Award for Moral Courage in Law Enforcement, a distinction bestowed annually upon a sworn or civilian member of law enforcement for acts of moral courage against corruption, injustice, or misconduct in the criminal justice system.

This is the second year that Lamplighter Project will honor a member of law enforcement for taking an ethical stand, a decision which often comes at great personal and professional cost. Whether interceding to prevent an unlawful act, initiating an internal complaint against a peer or superior, or blowing the whistle externally, “lamplighters” not only illuminate a righteous path for others to follow, but their actions indirectly serve to prevent future acts of misconduct and build police legitimacy. The world would truly be a darker place without lamplighters.

Lamplighter Project welcomes nominations from law enforcement organizations, oversight agencies, non-governmental organizations, law offices, community groups, public officials, or private citizens. Nominations for this year’s award will be accepted via Lamplighter Project’s website ( until June 12, 2022. The recipient of the Lamplighter Award will be announced on July 30, National Whistleblower Day, which “celebrates the people who raise their voice in the name of combatting fraud, corruption and other crimes; their courage in the face of great adversity; and the strength of their conviction and dedication to the truth.”

Established in 2021, Lamplighter Project encourages whistleblowing activity in law enforcement
by removing barriers to reporting, preventing retaliation, and elevating ethical officers.

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