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Our Mission

The Lamplighter Project encourages whistleblowing activity in law enforcement by removing barriers to reporting, preventing retaliation, and elevating ethical officers.

Removing Barriers

In most state and local jurisdictions, police officers are afforded a single, solitary path to report misconduct— the internal complaint. Officer-initiated complaints typically lack the characteristic of anonymity. Law enforcement organizations must enact whistleblowing policies and implement reporting systems that are safe, simple, and effective.

Preventing Retaliation

When police officers do break the “blue code of silence” they can experience a range of informal and formal retaliation from peers and superiors. Safeguards must be in place to protect good officers from the bad.

Elevating Ethical Officers

American law enforcement is experiencing a crisis of legitimacy. Officers who step forward to expose police misconduct and corruption should be elevated in their organizations and society, not marginalized.

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