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In the News [WNYC's On the Media] How to Protect Whistleblowers Calling Out Police Misconduct

In this interview, Tom Devine of the Government Accountability Project alludes to Lamplighter Project's outreach to law enforcement whistleblowers, many of whom signed an open letter to Congressional representatives regarding the need for whistleblower protections in police reform legislation.


When retired NYPD detective and renowned whistleblower Frank Serpico came on our show in 2020, he talked about police institutions' "old draconian thug squad principles" that punished him and many other whistleblowers. But how can we protect those who expose police abuse? This week, we talk to Tom Devine, Legal Director of the Government Accountability Project, on his revamped push on Capitol Hill to bolster whistleblower protections. This is a segment from our May 6th, 2022 program, Crime and Punishment.


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